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Who Is That Masked Man?

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Welcome to Tobi's A Good Boy, a community dedicated to the Akatsuki organization's newest member! There will be spoilers for the Naruto comic here, so beware if you've only seen the anime.

Klutzy and carefree, with an almost childlike eagerness to please, Tobi may seem unimpressive at first. But his power was enough to earn him a spot among the elite shinobi of Akatsuki, and he was able to defeat the massive Sanbi demon with a single technique. He also appears to have a high threshold of pain, surviving multiple close range explosions at the hands of his partner, Deidara. :D

Tobi stands out among the villains of Naruto with his mysterious nature and apparent lack of malice. If you enjoy his character, his mysterious background, his connections with Zetsu, or his somewhat strained partnership with Deidara, join and show your appreciation. ^^

All I ask is that you show respect to fellow members, and generally don't be an asshole. :P

We support all theories, no matter how crazy. >_>


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