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Tobi....Spoilers to Manga Chapter 364...

I joined because I like Tobi...well he is a Good Boy after all..*laugh*

Yo people...I'm new here but I have a theory too...


So...Uchiha Madara being alive??...Don't think so...when Tobi said he has the power of Uchiha Madara I think he was referring to the Mangekyou Sharingan since Madara was the first to use that power.


And...I think he is Obito..seriously....having a hole on the mask just to show the right eye is pretty suspicious enough…and now we know that the eye is a Sharingan too..and...well..he gave the left one to Kakashi...hmm..but being crushed by tons of heavy stones in Kakashi Gaiden might cause some problems to my theory..but hey we've seen people coming back from impossible situations....


And a question...in the anime they left Kakashi Gaiden out..so..we basically don't know Obito if we don’t read Manga...and..if Tobi really is Obito the what the hell are they gonna do in the aime? Make one hugegiantfucking flashback????????


What do you think guys?


Ok that's it..I'm off now...

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